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11KW small industrial

For this project, elite solar was cooperation with the marroccean submersible water pump specialist Beysolar to build an autarcic water supply system.

The project does not only save massive amounts on LPG wasted to run the original pump engine but also makes the customer independent from fossile power sources and rising energy cost.

  high quality inverter

Small industrial installations are one of our specialties. With a fast and quick installation service we can offer a professional and easy service for a safe and reliable installation.

The picture shows a 11KW PV system with elite solar Performer 270W mono black modules. The system was built within 1 day.

flat roof multilayer
Using up to date mounting systems we`re specialists for flat roof installations. Our well planned flat roof installations may be single or multilayer, depending on roof characteristics and weight restrictions.

This system is an industrial hall roof project with small island technics which converts the builing to a zero emmission facility.

An elite solar device may be installed with a complete monitoring and information system, optionally connected to your smartphone or accessable from the internet.
In case you`d like to monitor or just track the power earnings and status of your PV system, elite solar can offer a wide range of trackable devices which may be checked from everywhere in the world - anytime!

high quality inverter  

elite solar offers high quality pv modules, inverters and submersible pumps as well as mounting material of highest quality.

Look and see our extraordinary portfolio and choose only original elite solar products.

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